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Hampshire Hedgerows

This ambitious project focuses on delivering hedgerow restoration at scale at various sites within the Selborne Landscape Partnership and Winchester Downs Farm Cluster.

The latest winter season of hedgerow work is complete, with 33 hedgerows being restored this year through new planting, gapping up, coppicing and hedge laying across 14 holdings in the Selborne and Winchester Downs farm cluster areas.

The total length of hedgerow restored this winter is expected to be 8.1km, building on the 12.7km restored in the first year of the project and taking us over our original 20km target.

Farmers in the Selborne Landscape Partnership are already reporting dormice using hedgerows restored in year 1, and the project will benefit specific species such as brown hairstreak butterfly, yellowhammer, harvest mouse and corn bunting, plus foraging bats.

Image of a newly laid and restored hedge in Selborne - South Downs
A newly laid/ restored hedge in Selborne – SDNPA

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