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How we work

We are small but have big ambitions. We want to see more land managed for wildlife, more rare habitats protected, more local communities thriving and more people able to access and enjoy their National Park.

This requires more investment and we want to secure and direct the substantial goodwill that exists for the South Downs to places where it can make a real difference.

We are proud to support high quality projects, informed by the South Downs National Park Rangers, local communities and environmental and heritage experts.

Our core operating costs are secured until 2025, meaning nearly 100% of your donation goes to delivering much-needed projects within your National Park.

All our work is delivered in close collaboration with the South Downs National Park Authority and its partners. By working with Environmental NGOs, landowners, farmers, Parishes and Local Authorities, we can ensure that our work has landscape scale and can deliver impact across and beyond the National Park boundary.

Enhancing your South Downs

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