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Trees for the Downs

Help us reach 100,000 trees planted across the South Downs

Trees are incredible. They give us clean air to breathe, enhance natural beauty, support wildlife and are vital for tackling climate change.

With more woodland than any other National Park in England or Wales, trees form a vital part of our precious South Downs landscape.

Walkers in woodland on St Catherine's Hill, Hampshire - SDNPA
Walkers in woodland on St Catherine’s Hill, Hampshire – SDNPA

Pests and diseases like ash dieback and Dutch elm disease are growing concerns and threaten a significant number of trees nationally, including in the South Downs National Park.

Since the Trees for the Downs began in 2020, it’s enabled Parish Councils, farmers, community groups and more to plant over 60,000 trees across 114 different sites. Another 23,000 are planned for winter 2023.

The Trees for the Downs campaign hopes to raise £260,000 to be able to plant 100,000 trees in total over the next few years. You can help us take another step toward that goal.

Please donate to help us plant a mix of tree species, including disease-resistant elm, providing a healthy treescape for future generations of people, wildlife and plants to enjoy as well as increasing resilience to climate change.

What does Trees for the Downs fund?

The fund supplies trees  and suitable protection for the young sapling, such as canes and guards, to sites within the South Downs National Park. The recipient is responsible for the planting and their ongoing care.

Map showing the trees planted and planned across the south downs fro 2020 to 2024
Sites where trees have been planted and planned across the south downs fro 2020 to 2024

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