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New partnership with National Express Transport Solutions

Our ever-popular SDNPA Outdoor Learning Grant has reopened for applications this week thanks to funding from the National Park Authority and the South Downs Trust. Teachers are being invited to apply for a grant of between £550 and £750 to cover travel and learning provider costs, reducing the burden on schools and parents to pay for trips.

Any school with over 10% of their students eligible for Free School Meals is welcome to apply, with increased grant amounts available for those schools with over 20% of pupils eligible for Free School Meals.

National express bus travelling in the countryside with overhanging branches and a field in the foreground.

This year, many more schoolchildren will be able to enjoy inspiring school trips to the 100 outdoor learning providers across the South Downs Learning Network, thanks to an innovative new partnership with National Express Transport Solutions (NXTS).

This partnership provides affordable transport at a much-reduced rate of £295 during school hours. This is a substantial reduction on the usual coach costs for school visits, which can cost up to £800 per class.

It means that the Outdoor Learning Grant will go much further with the National Park being able to support an estimated 70 per cent more schools than in previous years.

Schools that are not successful in receiving an Outdoor Learning Grant will still be able to use the discounted travel rate from NXTS when visiting the National Park meaning even more children accessing the multiple benefits of learning outside the classroom in the stunning South Downs!

For more information see: this link to the grants for schools

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